January 2017 Course Descriptions

By | November 25, 2016
Classes start on the second week of January 2017.
Church History I: Early Church to the Reformation (Thomas Forster, Ph.D.)
We Christians have a rich heritage which spans the past 2000 years! However, it is a heritage of which few believers are aware. This course introduces you to the churches in the ancient and medieval periods. What were those churches like? How did they live out their faith in those days, days not so different than now? In this course we will answer those questions and others.
Pastoral Solution-Focused Counseling (Rosa Shao, Ph.D.)
This course introduces a short-term model of counseling approach that would meet the needs of pastors whose main task in shepherding God’s flock entail the regular feeding of God’s Word, home visitation, giving guidance, pastoral care and counseling. The students learn to tackle a structured time-saving method that shifts emphasis from problem-focus to practical solutions as God is seen active in the lives of the counselee.
Introduction to Apologetics (Dennis Yam, Th.M.)
“Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason…” (1 Peter 3:15b HCSB) Apologetics has been defined as a defense of the Christian faith. This course will help you prepare for the task of explaining your hope in Christ. It will also show you how to understand the relation between faith and facts and build your confidence in the Lord.
Study of Ecclesiastes (Samson Uytanlet, Ph.D.)
Ancient Jewish wisdom comes in various forms. Ecclesiastes is one of them. This writing reflects upon the meaning of life from a cynic’s perspective.
Global Missions (Juliet Uytanlet, Ph.D.)
A study on the cultural theories, challenges, and issues of globalization and how these affect our understanding and doing of God’s mission in our world today with special attention to the church’s response and the task of world evangelization.